Laena's Story


An Origin

I'm Laena, the Founder and CEO of Anarchy in a Jar, and a wellness coach, doula, and side-hustle guru. I grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley, immersed in a rural mindset that a fulfilling life is rooted in a healthy, balanced body. This imprinting developed into an urban survival ethos: that connection and awareness to our bodies, community, and how we inspire & nourish ourselves creates a richer, more meaningful life. 

An international career in science, and more localized academia, ignited my passion in food as medicine, as I learned vibrant recipes from people I met around the world for nourishing foods and healing techniques. I landed back in NYC, and decided to make my passion for preservation and healing into a business.

I launched my first business, Anarchy in a Jar, in 2009, embracing a revived demand for fresh, local, creative food. With help from my team of tasters, fellow food makers and fans, I grew the business into a plant-based food and skincare powerhouse, where I stir my eclectic experience and passion for plants into elixirs of the jar. 

I'm continually learning and growing, and I love to share my passion and knowledge with others through classes, workshops, and consultation. Contact me to find out more, or to make a virtual or physical appointment at my Brooklyn office.

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A passion

My slogan: the revolution is you. My mantra: strong back, balanced front, wild heart, can't lose. I'm a leader and lifelong learner in a community of holistic business mavens, integrative healers, creative lawyers, cool coaches and consultants, fearless designers, amidst a rainbow of people and professionals who strive to live a self-aware and dynamic life. 

I also make stuff. You can find my skincare here in my online shop, along with my classes and workshops. You can find my consultancy and support services at my office by appointment. 

My company, Anarchy in a Jar, has been featured in The New York TimesThe New York Times T Style Magazine, The Martha Stewart Show, Elle Japan, Saveur, Food & Wine, Bon AppetitNew York MagazineTasting Table, Serious Eats, Time Out New York, and many more.

See our Press page for more info.


A Promise

I promise ethical, fierce support, and products with real, edible ingredients, process, labor, and packaging (the whole nine-yards).  We care deeply about sustainability, and my services and products are 100% free of toxins, cruelty-free, sls-free, paraben-free, and free of chemical additives, synthetic fragrance and preservatives. We use reusable glass packaging made in the USA. We ship using biodegradable corn peanuts. 

Laena says,

Anarchy in a Jar and By Laena are my vision for natural healing from the inside and out, through food and skincare that reflect a desire to reconnect with simple, pure, chemical-free ingredients. Each one of my products reflect my love for food, beauty, and design, encompassed in a life-long obsession with the healing power of herbs and plants, and a dedication to community.

All our products are made by hand and all natural, with plants primarily sourced from local and small farms in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley.

We combine pure plant-based fruit, seeds, oils, and vinegars with healing herbs + spices.

That's it, no junk and no bullshit. Our methods combine old world techniques with modern finesse, bringing innovation to the tradition of preservation and herbalism.


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Want to make your own skincare? Or design your own all-natural, plant-based perfume? Check out our Self-Care Social Club blog, book a private session to get your own signature skincare or perfume designed for you, or come to a live class in NYC or Chicago.