Laena's Story


A passion 

My mantra: strong back, balanced front, wild heart, can't lose.

I'm Laena, the Founder and CEO of Anarchy in a Jar, and a wellness coach, educator, and doula. I'm a leader and lifelong learner in a community of holistic business mavens, integrative healers, creative lawyers, supportive coaches and consultants, and fearless designers, amidst a rainbow of people and professionals who strive to live a dynamic, self-aware and meaningful life.

I grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley, immersed in a rural mindset that a fulfilling life is rooted in a healthy, balanced body and the practice of contemplation. This imprinting developed into an urban survival ethos: that connection and awareness of our bodies, community, and how we inspire & nourish ourselves creates a richer, more meaningful life. 

An international career in science and academia ignited my passion in food, health, and holistic medicine, and I decided to make my passion for resilience and healing into a business. 

But it wasn't an easy trajectory. 

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I've been featured in The New York TimesThe New York Times T Style Magazine, The Martha Stewart Show, BustElle Japan, Saveur, Food & Wine, Bon AppetitNew York MagazineTasting Table, Serious Eats, Time Out New York, and many more. 

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An Origin

If I had a health coach when I was 19, it would have changed my life.

As a teenager and young adult, I struggled with a hormone imbalance that left me with extreme pain, blackouts, and days of complete physical breakdown. I was a mess.

I finally found an herbalist who helped me get my health back on track. I learned about eating a plant-based diet and taking herbs to reset my imbalance. 

But then life happened. I went to grad school: relapse. Back to square one. I had to re-integrate healthy eating and contemplative practice, as I learned how to live a simpler, cleaner lifestyle.

I've had to relearn self-care throughout each new stage of my life.

I had a baby: relapse.  I fell apart physically and mentally, and had to ONCE AGAIN integrate a new set of self-care rituals to stay healthy, balanced and fulfilled. 

I get it, change is not easy.

But it's amazing how a personalized strategy of self-care, herbs, contemplative practice and healthy, realistic food choices can change your hormonal health and seriously heal some major issues. 


A Promise

Your hormones don’t have to ruin your life. 

I passionately believe that all women can be active participants in their health and resilience, and I’m dedicated to showing you how to take back control of your body – starting today. 

But you don't have to do this alone.

Behind every resilient, successful woman is a tribe.

While I offer coaching and support, I also bring women together in my classes and workshops. And I always work to connect you with my tribe of women who can help you reclaim your health and follow your passion.

I promise ethical, fierce support, and products with real, edible ingredients, process, labor, and packaging.  You can find my skincare here in my online shop, along with my classes and workshops. You can find my consultancy and support services at my office by appointment. 

I care deeply about sustainability, and my services and products are 100% free of toxins and bullshit. 


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