Acne & Scar Treatment Trio :: Acne Clearing Oil Cleanser + ACV Herbal Toner + Fade My Scars Healing Serum

Acne & Scar Treatment Trio :: Acne Clearing Oil Cleanser + ACV Herbal Toner + Fade My Scars Healing Serum


Clear Acne, Reduce Inflammation, Fade Scars with This 3-Step Treatment


Laena's mantra of taking control of your skin is healing and renewing, while reducing stress. This trio is the ultimate acne and scar treatment: cleanse your skin with our infused Acne Clearing Oil Cleanser that is both non-comodogenic and , then tone with our herbal apple cider vinegar Toner to reduce inflammation and pH balance, then finish with our rich, non-comedogenic moisturizing Fade My Scars Healing Serum to nourish and protect against toxins. 

This trio is the foundation of a self-care ritual that I’ve created for my students and clients, inspired by the wisdom of my herbalist and skin gurus, to reduce acne and scars with a daily skincare regimen.

Our skin is naturally acidic, but when we use cleansers and soaps that are harsh or full of chemicals, the natural acidity is removed, and the protective acid mantle of our skin (which is needed to protect our skin from toxins, germs, bacteria, and pollution) is disrupted. The combo of oil cleansing and then toning with apple cider vinegar is a great cure for acne because it reduces inflammation with herbs and therapeutic oils, returns a healthy, pH balanced acidity to our skin with the toner, and restores the protective acid mantle, while killing bad bacteria, removing excess makeup, oil and dirt, and dissolving dead skin cells that dull and irritate our skin. The final step of applying our healing Fade My Scars serum protects, nourishes and heals acne scars. 


We make our Acne Clearing Oil Cleanser by infusing organic, cold pressed oils with healing organic herbs and spices (this takes a few months to extract all the amazing properties of the plants), then we add a few drops of blemish reducing essential oils. We use non-comedogenic light, nutrient rich organic Sunflower Oil (comedogenic oils like coconut have a higher tendency to produce or aggravate acne and blackheads), with rich, antibacterial astringent Castor Oil and Neem Oil. 

We make our apple cider vinegar Herbal Toner by infusing witch hazel leaves, calendula and lavender flowers, and a therapeutic essential oil blend in organic, raw, cold-pressed apple cider vinegar. What makes our skin healthy, glowing, and rejuvenated? The same thing that makes our insides and gut happy too: cleaning off dirt and toxins, and creating a protective environment of acidity to balance and prevent bad bacteria. 

The final step to clear and healthy skin? Adding healthy fatty-acids and healing herbs in our Fade My Scars Healing Serum to retain moisture and reduce inflammation.


A 2-ounce spritzer bottle of Acne Clearing Oil Cleanser, 2-ounce spritzer bottle of handcrafted, herbal apple cider vinegar Toner, and a 10ml roller vial of Fade My Scars Healing Serum, all brewed at our skincare studio in Brooklyn. All of these are great for travel (airplane safe-size) or keeping in your purse for on-the-go skin treatment (we love doing this cleansing ritual before bed or after exercising). 



  1. Moisten your face with a few splashes of warm water.
  2. Apply a few spritzes of Acne Clearing Oil Cleanser to face, and massage into skin for a few minutes, in a gentle circular motion, removing dead skin, and reducing the production of acne-causing sebum, which helps cure inflammation, and keeps the acne-prone skin sufficiently moisturized (key to oil control).
  3. DIY sink facial: remove the oil with a steamy washcloth by soaking the cloth in hot water, then holding it over face for a minute to steam open pores (lean over the sink and gentle press the cloth to your face), then gently wipe clean;
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 (apply oil, massage, then soak cloth in hot water, steam face, gently wipe face). 
  5. Repeat Step 3: soak cloth in hot water, steam face, gently wipe face.
  6. Finish by spritzing face (avoid the eyes, it's vinegar) with the apple cider vinegar toner to balance the skin’s pH and reduce inflammation. Let it dry on your face, don’t towel off. 
  7. The next morning, your skin will feel baby soft and pleasantly hydrated. Rinse face with a few splashes of water, if you like, then towel dry, and apply a few swipes of Fade My Scars Healing Serum.  

A NOTE for city dwellers, or anyone getting sweaty and dirty: in the sticky dog days of summer, or if I’m feeling gross from lots of city huffing or a sweaty workout, I do a midday on-the-go cleanse: I use water wipes to remove the dirt, grit, toxins, and then I spritz my face a few times with the Herbal Toner.


Acne Clearing Oil Cleanser
Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Sesame Oil, Castor Oil, Chamomile Flower Extract, Calendula Flower Extract, Lavender Flower Extract, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon Bark, Geranium Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Coconut Glycerine, and Good Juju. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Herbal Toner
Distilled Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract, Calendula Flower Extract, Lavender Flower Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, and good juju.

Fade My Scars Healing Serum
Sunflower Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Neem Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, infused with Helichrysum Flower Extract*, Calendula Flower Extract*, Chamomile Flower Extract*, Lavender Flower Extract, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Black Cardamom Extract, Vanilla Bean Extract, Cedarwood* & Geranium* Essential Oils, Vitamin E*, Soy Glycerine*, Good Juju. (*organic)

100% FREE of Toxins: NO Parabens, NO Phthalates, NO Toluene, No Synthetic Fragrance, No VOCs, No Chlorine, No Dioxins, NO Triclosan, NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, NO Propylene glycol, NO Cocamidopropyl Betaine, NO Diethanolamine (DEA), NO Gluten, No Cruelty

Caution: for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Stop if irritation occurs.

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