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The Revolution is You

my mission is to help women gain

the wellbeing & Knowledge

to live their best life.

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I'm Laena.

An entrepreneur, educator, wellness coach, doula, and an unwavering optimist dedicated to helping you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE + become the resilient person you want to be.


my mission

It's not Tricky. 

a fulfilling life cannot be prescribed, but Sometimes it's as simple as showing up, acknowledging what's holding you back & committing to a deeper, loving relationship with you.

It's A conscious shift.

to follow the unknown, dark and shimmering path of your authentic self, of your real true, poignantly unique life.

It's about feeding your fire.

 My work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will help you feel strong & resilient.

It's achieving Balance.

I help women create a work/life balance With a resilient body/mind/spirit so you can live your best life.

It's empowering and radical.

the way we live + work needs a revolution. we are those rebels, a small group of women, real people just like you: we want a life that is ours, a mind/body that is healthy + resilient, supportive colleagues that empower us, and we don’t want to feel bullied or shamed for wanting an empowered, informed body & mind.
join us in Subverting the paradigm.

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