Best Aphrodisiacs? These Are the Foods That Actually Boost Your Sex Drive - Maxim

We all know the common aphrodisiacs: Oysters, chocolate, stimulating herbs…you know, the usual suspects. But not all “aphrodisiacs” actually work, despite being endlessly hyped as enhancing the libido.

To point out which of these do and don't work for better results between the sheets, sexpert Dr. Justin Lehmiller kindly elaborated on some recent research published in the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews, where a team of researchers analyzed scientific literature on some of the most well-known aphrodisiacs. 

So, here's what science has to say about some of the most common aphrodisiacs thought to make you hornier, harder, and better in bed.

 A fun take on using herbs to boost your sexual juju. I wish this wasn’t so dude centric, but it is Maxim….

Laena McCarthy