The Rise of Egg Freezing as a Fertility Choice | Allure

You’d be forgiven for mistaking the egg-freezing advertisement for a women-only coworking space or a networking happy hour as you flicked through your feed. The ad might have shown a group of open-faced women in stylish button-downs and statement glasses toasting to one another’s good fortunes above a single phrase: “Preserve your options.”

Or perhaps it was a woman with curls that betray a certain amount of effort, her hands grabbing the zipper of her moto jacket, next to the command “Own your future.” We are Americans in 2018, and we are in the business of sales, and the best way to sell anyone anything is to tell them they need it and it is their right to have it — even if, as in this case, the “it” in question is eternal youth.

 A great article in Allure on the big $ industry of egg freezing. I hope women do their research before jumping on the industry wagon.

Laena McCarthy