Natural Cycles just became the first FDA-approved “birth control” app - Vox

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The FDA just approved a “digital birth control” app for the first time: the controversy, explained

The Food and Drug Administration official approved Natural Cycles, an app that claims to be able to help prevent pregnancy, as birth control.

This is a historic move, my friends. This is *the first time* that the FDA is allowing an app to market itself as a contraceptive. More importantly, it means that the FDA is also establishing criteria and guidelines that will pave the way for a new category of apps that can be used as digital contraception. TRANSLATION: NON-HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL.

Have you noticed that there are lots of new apps and gadgets being marketed to you?  Welcome to  “femtech”  — technology aimed at women’s health, which analysts estimate will become a $50 billion market by 2025. It used to be that there were a few period trackers like Clue and Flow, now there are more than a dozen such  services, offering period calendars and push notifications for whatever you need integrated in your tech heavy lifestyle. 

Natural Cycles is different, it's an actual birth control app, with a highly developed algorithm. The app initially received classification as a medical device in Europe by the inspection and certification company Tüv Süd in 2017. 

Of course, big pharma is PISSED as hell. And Natural Cycles is at the center of a heated conversation about the rules of contraception and what should be promoted to young women. Read the Vox article with some educated reader glasses on, and note that most of the "doctors" they interview work for big pharma and make their $$ off the billion dollar birth-control industry. Just saying....

Laena McCarthy