Toxins to Avoid [list]

  • Parabens (in personal care products, baby lotions, cosmetics; endocrine disrupters, hormone disruptors)
  • Phthalates (found in cosmetics, perfumes)
  • Insecticides and Pesticides (i.e., in food, and in agricultural regions, in water and air)
  • Toluene (in cosmetics, nail polish)
  • Synthetic Fragrance (in soap, lotion, shampoo, deodorant, conditioner, perfume; linked to hormone disruption. early puberty, breast cancer)
  • VOC’s (in smelly stuff like perfumes, shampoo, household cleaners, furniture polishes, air freshener, nail polish remover, hair relaxers, adhesives, foams, plastics, toiletries, aftershave lotions)
  • Chlorine (in tap water, shower water, pools, household cleaners)
  • PCB’s (although banned in the 1970’s, millions are unaccounted for - i.e., still used in manufacturing)
  • Dioxins (in chlorinated cleaners, often found to be stored in our fat and fatty animals we eat (pork, fatty fish)
  • Heavy Metals (such as mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium; often found in nasal sprays, shampoo and antiperspirant deodorant)
  • Asbestos (cancerous, found in walls, construction)
Laena McCarthy